Slow adventure is a form of tourism and has everything to do with the inspiring connections to the outside life.
Whoever runs from the quick adrenaline pumping hits off adventurous experiences, opposing to the slow rousing trips, living in, and traveling through unstirred spots and experiencing the nature in its purest forms. In all its timeframe, its seasons, and all its weather conditions and variations.
These journeys contain in general the following elements:

  • ‘Natural’ nutrition
  • Wildlife
  • Comfort in the outside
  • Bettering and creating the understanding of people
  • A better involvement at the spot
  • Slow adventurous activities put out ideas that were based on the cultures and histories of partners, like hunting, fishing and eating wildlife, love and respect for the nature and the flora and fauna, and the relation between food and the land/sea.

Snowshoe Walking
OAC Ski Tour
Sup-, Kano-, Kajak-tour
Bush Craft
Husky Tours
National Parks
Ice Fishing