Within the philosophy of the Taiga school we try to balance the level of tourism that we offer you with nature and the animals that live there.
Voor een groot deel van de programma’s die we aanbieden wil ik u graag doorverwijzen naar Slow Adventure.

Maar de Taigaschool biedt meer aan. Van meerdaagse sneeuwscooter safari's tot expedities naar het aangrenzende Rusland en van vis tochten op ons eigen meer, tot prachtige wandelingen door de ongerepte natuur, alles uiteraard met het grootst mogelijke respect voor dier en natuur. De Taigaschool denkt graag met u mee als u vastloopt in uw creatieve proces. Er is heel veel mogelijk in overleg, en is ons netwerk is gigantisch. Zolang het met de normen en waarden maar goed zit, gaat de Taiga School geen uitdaging uit de weg.

Dag 1, Aankomt dag

Aankomst dag,
After an interesting travel day with, among other things, a stopover in Helsinki, we are ready for you with our bus to transport you to the heart of the Taiga.
After a ride of 25 to 30 minutes you will arrive at the accommodation for the coming days: the Taiga School. After a brief welcome speech and explanation of the do's and don'ts, the rooms are assigned and the keys distributed. After this there is time for yourself, you can retire to your room or use the sauna and or relax in the living room with hammocks and bean bags to warm yourself by the fireplace: welcome to Finland

Day 2, Finland is Magic

We start in an active and arctic manner almost every morning of the week. By gently awakening and activating the body on a centuries-old proven technique, you connect yourself with the deeper layers of your Physiology, and you feel that. The first 30 to 60 minutes we will practice Yoga and breathing techniques. Interspersed in a traditionally furnished yoga room, we prepare for the outdoor session. It will consist of Jogging / Movement / Gymnastics, to experience what cold, breathing consciously and a group of motivated people can do with your feelings. This part takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Then we get nice and fresh in a well-stoked Finnish sauna where we start with the Tummo breathing techniques. We prepare our body and consciousness for the introduction to Kitka Lake. Na een 15-tal minuten ademen in een sauna van 100°C wandelen we rustig gecontroleerd gefocust en dampend naar de steiger gelegen aan de oevers van Kitka Lake. Here we are all going to be the water, after a minute we get back on the scaffolding with a body full of energy, what happens to you then…

...Finland is Magic

After the morning routine you go back to your room to prepare for the rest of the day. What you need and how thick and what to wear is discussed the night before. The weather in Finland can vary enormously, be especially advised on the correct use of clothing and what you can do to make your stay in this Polar region as pleasant as possible.
11:00 to 12:00 an extensive hot meal is offered. We use local products of organic origin as much as possible in respect and balance with the vulnerable nature in this environment. We use a framework of 8 to 12 hours when we eat inside so that we give the body the peace and quiet to digest the food during the hours that we are fasting. We reset our system, as it were, and it is experienced by most people as being good to do and pleasant. We call this technique intermitting fasting. If you find an early breakfast indispensable outside of our methodologies, suitable alternatives are possible.
12:30 Vertrek naar Riisitunturi 'the mystyc magic mountain' of Kitka Lake. After touring the magical forests of Finland for just over half an hour, we arrive at the foot of this mountain full of Mythes. After we all are wearing the snowshoes, we flip over our backpacks and walk through the powder snow into the landscape of the gods. After almost two hours we reach the top of this magical area empty and full. There are little people in the world who will ever experience this magical nature paradise. Sometimes happiness is very common. We continue our journey to a traditional log cabin where a fire pit is situated. Here we will light a fire for the rest of the group. A number of participants will have ingredients that we will prepare on the spot, after which we will indulge in these Finnish delicacies.
Between 17:00 - 18:00 we are back at the school where everyone can relax. The saunas are on and when you light the fireplace and drop a cup of Chaga tea you slowly begin to understand what Finland is doing to you.

Dag 3, Run-Husky-Dip-Run

07:30 – 08:00 Opstaan.
08:00 – 10:00 Sauna/Yoga/exercise/Cold
Our morning routine is continued and extended after a deep night's rest. Slowly it becomes clear that we go through a pattern in the mornings, a fixed ritual that you can continue on your return to the Netherlands. Once applied in your life, your sports performance, your health energy and well-being in general will increase significantly. These techniques, which are thousands of years old and are often overlooked in our modern society, have been polished up and connected to each other in a workable and usable system. This system, which we combined with the techniques and knowledge of Koen, is called: The Life-Method. Science agrees, the people who experience it agree: these techniques work! (See claims and the Reviews).
10:00 - 10:30 After the morning session we prepare ourselves calmly for the things that the day will bring. The clothing and the equipment that needs to be put on and packed depends on the current weather situation and the program in general, but the program can be changed at the last minute due to the rapidly changing climate conditions that Finland has.
10:30 - 11:00 Everything has been packed and is ready for departure, we take off the warm items or clothing and we relax in the room or in one of the cozy residences.
11:00 – 12:00 Brunch
12:00 – 17:00 Run Husky Run
This afternoon you will be taking a sleigh ride on Kitka Lake with a new furry friend named the Husky. There is plenty of challenge for both the beginner and the advanced sledger, because the Huskies cannot get crazy enough and they appreciate your company very much. During the course you pass our ice-hole and we will make it into a real Run-Husky-Dip-Run. Our own Rick Koekoek will be present on this epic journey to capture this for you. One thing is certain: this tour will come in your personal top 5 and you have the images to prove it and to look back on it a lot more afterwards.
17:00 - 19:00 Sauna on your own initiative and relax at one of the many fireplaces in the Taiga school.
19:00 - 20:30 A delicious dinner will be served for you and after this very intense day your taste pupils will be pleasantly surprised. After dinner, the sauna is up to temperature and the fireplaces have been fired up and it is time to relax.
21:30 tales by the fire: time for strong stories by the fire…

Dag 4, Bushcraft

At 07:30 am we are woken up quietly. We leave at 08:00 for a wonderful 20 to 40 minute outdoor walk. Then we immediately take the dip depending on the previous days and we divide the group into 2 groups. Two saunas will be fired that day. This morning we will discuss the use of the sauna in combination with the cold and the different breathing techniques.
09:30 Brunch, a little earlier then we are used to.
10:30 We are preparing for what an exciting day will be. This day we go out with our Finnish guide Aapo, who takes us deep into the Taiga forest, to work together on our Bushcraft and survival skills. We are going to learn today how we can survive in the merciless nature. Making shelters, lighting fire, catching fish and gathering knowledge about the secrets of this wooded area. Together with your buddies you will experience that being in the forest is something very special.
And if you disappear into your own home sometime during the day, the fire crackles and you enjoy hot drinks and your own caught fish, this is an experience that will stay with you for many years to come.
18:00 time for a light snack that is ready for you, after which there will be the opportunity to use the saunas or relax in a hammock or in front of the fireplace.
20:00 Dinner, a variety of local and traditional dishes will be served. 21:00 - 21:30 After the Dinner, there will be a lecture by Koen about why we feel what we feel in Finland and that there is more potential in people than is assumed.

Dag 5, Fat bikes, Beklimming, Sauna

07:30 We will start this morning with Yoga, breathing, Dynamic meditation, sauna and the cold experience.
There will now be more room in your system and the peace of Finland is starting to be felt by most.
At 9:30 am you go back to your room to prepare for a very beautiful but also quite spicy day.
10:30 - 11:30 Brunch
12:00 You and your buddy will depart on so-called Fat bikes on the gigantic, sweeping Lake Kitka and then cycle in the direction of Ruka. You only now really notice where you are staying. It's so big here, so beautiful. And we bet that you have never experienced such a bike ride in your life.
Together with your buddy you imagine yourself cycling on an ice planet from another universe: truly magical.
12:00 - 14:00 After a journey through rapidly varying terrain, forests, open fields and hills, you will arrive in Ruka. The finish of the ride is at Hotel / Restaurant Kaarne, located at the foot of Ruka Mountain. We can then warm up in the restaurant section, and we are served a nice soup.
After this we will prepare ourselves for the ascent of Ruka Mountain.
15:00 pm - 18:00 Armed with snowshoes at your feet, a set of much-needed ski poles, and a backpack filled with warm thermos and some 'fast carbs', you leave Kaarna for the visible top of Ruka Mountain. Via a number of very adventurous and technically challenging paths, to the top of the mountain where we are waiting for you. 3 different levels will be offered on this route. Once at the top, we guide you down with the Gondola, and then gather at the original departure point 'Restaurant Kaarne' After this physically spirited and mentally renewing day we will have a group sauna session on site with a conclusion with the coldest meeting ever: a short summary of the day, while we are all immersed in the wonderful water of the house lake where Hotel / restaurant Kaarne is located. 18:00, We leave for Taiga school again, this ride will take about 10 minutes, after which there will be the opportunity to pull back and freshen up.
19:30 - 21:00 a delicious dinner will be served. Afterwards you can use the saunas or enjoy a well-earned night's rest.

Dag 6, "Battle of Kitka" Run-dip-run

The longest day. Today we are going to apply what we have learned this week,
06:00 - 07:30 We get up and after a short but powerful sauna session we have breakfast. We charge our much-needed energy because we will take on a personal challenge, an extra-long : run-dip-run, in the most challenging setting you could wish for and an unreally beautiful route, in short a day to remember.
08:00 The sun has not yet shown itself and you feel good, but also a bit nervous, a quick last visit to the toilet and then the starting shot for the official 'battle of Kitka' Run-dip- run!

The entire course is on Kitka Lake, and there are 3 distances that can be walked:
  • 7 km with a dip at 3.5 km,
  • A course of 16 km with a dip of 8 km and a
  • Half marathon of more than 21 km with a dip at 11 km.
The finish is at the school and because it is an official course there will be a souvenir and an official certificate from Sportrusten that you have successfully completed this week and have taken part in all activities.
11:00 - 12:00 We will wait at the campfire until the whole group has arrived and then take a nice shower and prepare for lunch.
13:00 There will be transport ready to give you the opportunity to visit Ruka on the last day and just relax in one of the occasions that Ruka has to offer or to go on a souvenir hunt. For the people who want to stay at the school the saunas will be on and there will be the possibility to go ice fishing or take a nice relaxing walk.
20:00 During the farewell dinner, Koen and the Life-X Academy team will tell a concluding story and you will be given the opportunity for feedback and a relaxed commentary on a very special week in your life.

Dag 7, Wanneer kan ik terug?

07:00 Everyone will be awakened and there will be the opportunity to use the Yoga and sauna facilities and the remaining time can be used by anyone to prepare yourself for the return home.
10:00 a delicious farewell breakfast will be served.
11:15 The whole group is leaving again in the direction of the Kuusamo airport. The journey will take approximately 25 minutes and it is entirely usual for you to think for yourself: when can I return ?? ...