The Philosopher Terrence Mckenna mentioned several times in his deeply layered and particularly well-founded lessons that just before the start of history there was a kind of paradise where balance was the code word. Balance in harmony with each other, with nature and with the elements. This period is also called the OER time.

Occasionally during a workout in the forest or an intimate moment we feel the weather ... we were once connected. We have forgotten what we have forgotten. Change that goes faster as our evolution causes many people to have chronic overstimulation and imbalance. Because of this imbalance, the so-called prosperity, diseases lurk. Such as burnout, overweight, depression are common complaints in today's society. Disorders as a result, trauma or a chronically wrong lifestyle can be very varied: From a fierce PTSD whose tip of the iceberg we are only really beginning to see, to overweight, depression, nihilism, or an absence of resistance and motivation. The moment you want to take responsibility for the well-being in your life or want to increase it, you are faced with a beautiful and spicy challenge. Changing worn-out patterns is not something that goes without saying.

OER can be your partner in this transition, whether it is as an individual, group or organization, with the proven techniques that we master in a fun and authentic way in a unique setting at our own locations in the Netherlands or at our Taiga school in Finland or elsewhere in the world where we are active.

OER has a well-founded multidisciplinary approach. Often in synergy with other agencies, care providers, coaches etc. The extensive explanation and substantiation of our tested and tested methodologies follow as soon as possible.