My name is Rick Koekoek, I am 32 years old and have been busy with balance since I was a child.

Balance in combination with my great passion: 'the bike'
Sometimes on a curb, sometimes on a table, but often on the boundaries of the physical within the human domain.
Whether it's the Great Wall (Filmpje) or up to the steps of El Monserrat (Filmpje) from Hawaii to Beijing, my bike and I literally have seen the whole world. And I've always tried to take myself, my environment and my sport to the next level.

I have always managed to get a lot of satisfaction, love and pleasure out of it and I still do so to this day.

The energy that is transmitted to the audience during a show, a competition or a record attempt, through the combination of strength, balance, dedication, humor and the seemingly impossible. Makes people think and it is my goal to give that little bit extra so that it becomes magic.

A normal boy from Hoogeveen who lives an unusual life and does unusual things, with the aim of inspiring, motivating and connecting #livemore

For the last 15 years I have played in the world top within the Biketrial sport. I have been Dutch champion for several consecutive years and have been giving shows, clinics, workshops and inspiration sessions for several years now.

To explain exactly what it means to be a Biketrial athlete, I would like to describe it as follows:
The power and explosiveness of an Olympic weightlifter, the flexibility and agility of a figure skater, the ability to cope from an ice hockey player and the guts of a base jumper.

In the end I managed to set 10 unique world records in my name, many of which have been unbroken for years.

Competitive cycling has since made way for, among other things: Inspiring, motivating, connecting and learning through cycling and sharing knowledge and skills.

I have been a co-owner of the Life-X Academy for 3 years and in this way I am trying to share the knowledge and the tools that I needed to perform at the highest level with my fellow people in a unique way.

We do this both nationally and internationally. We have several locations in the Netherlands and we have the Taiga School at one of the most beautiful locations in northern Finland.

When I was 6 years old my life became totally unbalanced when my mother lost the fight against Cancer after a long illness and my father and I were left alone.

This event has marked me and the course of my life. After this very radical event, I started to focus more and more on my sport, which was and is literally a way for me to keep myself in balance and stay there. Meditation also helped me a lot in processing and giving it a place after what happened to me.

I have always received the limitless backing and support from my father and various family members.

In the years that followed, I gradually developed a blueprint and a course that, in my life and career, brought me in the direction that I had in mind.

From the trauma I experienced as a child, I have been able to convert the pain and imbalance of the trauma into inspiration, motivation and the drive to make something of my life and to create value for myself and for others.

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Graag kom ik bij u langs, of u bij ons, om mijn verhaal te delen met u en uw team.

Deze lezing/motivation speech kan eventueel gevolgd worden door een uitdagende en verbindende Clinic of workshop.

Mocht u een unieke pr-stunt willen doen met de enige echte RICK KOEKOEK, kom ik me graag inzetten voor u en uw onderneming of organisatie.

Een poging op een wereldrecord of een andere gallende of uitdaging is ook absoluut bespreekbaar.

U zoekt een alternatief voor de bekende hei sessie in Nederland en u wilt met inachtneming van de hedendaagse uitdagingen die het in balans blijven van u, uw organisatie en/of uw team met zich mee brengen doe eens iets uit een andere hoek: boek KOEKOEK.


Rick Koekoek
Telefoon: 0031655917579