Life-X, A name that stands for the unknown potential that lies untouched within every person.

We have forgotten what we have forgotten.
The life we ​​lead, against the life it could be.
If you were to do the activities that you know you should do but don’t do... If you change this and improve your life a little over the full potential every day, you will be in a completely different place in a year time then where you are now. The X stands for that unknown potential within you...
Take on the challenge with us and discover it.

Nature, the elements, authentic experiences and the right people around you.
Preparing a meal together, walking through nature or sitting in a 100-degree hot sauna: these types of activities connect. In addition to the fact that it connects, it also opens the way to the deeper and older parts of your physiology. In modern society we are, as it were, stuck in our thinking. In addition to the thinking brain, we also have the mammalian and reptile brain. Those are the older, deeper parts of our brain. Which part would have more influence? The much older Mammalian brain or the ever-busy Neo-cortex?

We need them both, but the code word in everything is: balance. I will outline an example: If you have the time to make a nice fire in peace and then smoke your own caught fish on it, you will be very happy! You sink, as it were, from your thinking brain into the older, deeper parts. The parts where feeling and intuition have a greater influence. If you are going to do this together, you will connect in a totally different way than for example at the conference table in an office. If you are going to do similar activities with a complete team, then the total potential of the team will increase clearly and measurably after 24 hours. This is easy to explain: if you go outside your 'comfort zone', you also connect together. Connecting with your team is the way to increase the potential, energy creates energy and increases the factor in its totality. An investment in yourself and in your team is an investment in the heart of your company.

Whether it is about achieving your 'top' sport goals, or the responsible and sustainable loss of your overweight 'whatever top sport is.'
'Reconnecting' your team, gaining insight into your own strengths and weaknesses or just to have a very cool and educational week.
Come join us on one of our many options that we have to offer. Life-X works with 9 unique pillars that are reviewed every day during a week in Finland but also at our unique locations in the Netherlands. These pillars work and are an inseparable part of us and the people around us.
Whether it's a session on the heath in the Netherlands, an inspiration day with our own Rick Koekoek or a potential week in Finland:
Life-X is your gateway to growth, inspiration and connection.

Rick Koekoek