The Taiga School,

In the early 1950s, just after the baby boom of the 2nd World War, there was a need for primary schools in a small-scale way in the harsh, angry and cold north-east of Finland. Small-scale because the region simply wasn't and is not as densely populated. The teachers were flown in from far and wide and often stayed with their partner in these taiga schools. They stayed there for months at a time and then lived in the wilderness to perform their important work there. Our own taiga school was once an island of knowledge, warmth, hope, pleasure and adventure, in the middle of an extreme piece of unspoiled nature on the edge of Kitka Lake. In recent years we have spoken to a number of local people who have been taught or have spent time at this school / hotel. They often think back to their stay with pleasure and with warm feelings, and we are assured that the building, the place and the surroundings are unique of its kind and that this must certainly also be preserved for future generations.

It is our intention and objective to be ambassadors for Finland and its incredible precious nature, warm people and deep-rooted culture. We hope that the school can remain and become a warm haven for the generations to come and go. And to offer our guests staying here an unforgettable time. We are convinced you that you will return home a richer person and come to the conclusion at home: when can I return to Finland?!?!

The Taiga school is situated on a plot of 37000 meters of private land with its own lake at the rear, surrounded by a number of national parks. The property is generally surrounded with the distinctive Taiga. We have 2 authentic clean and cozy naturally furnished apartments with a shower, toilet, a room and a fridge with the possibility to prepare your own cup of tea or coffee. You have a private entrance that opens onto the courtyard. There is a large courtyard with a service building, a large fire pit and a covered fire pit in the middle of the courtyard. There is a large shared dining room in the building with an adjoining professionally equipped kitchen that can be closed completely during the meal. Adjacent to the dining room is a cozy and homely decorated living room with fireplace, a number of hammocks and play options for the children. There is also a fully equipped Yoga room, where there is sufficient opportunity for daily maintenance of body and mind. Between 12 and 30 guests can stay in the school. The high-rise building has 2 floors, each with 4 rooms, with toilets and showers shared. In the basement of the building is an electric 6 person sauna situated with 2 showers, a fireplace and a relaxation room. The plot is separated from Kitka Lake with a continuous road and when you cross it, you walk through a winding path to the edges of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, Lake Kitka. The path runs past our authentic Finnish log cabin which is equipped with kitchen, fireplace, shower, toilet and a wonderful wood-fired sauna. The log cabin can also be rented separately for a 1 or multi-day stay. The school will completely be run energy neutral in the long term and we try to keep our footprint as small as possible. Do you want to create an unforgettable experience for your family, group or organization and experience something that can serve as a source of inspiration, pleasure, connection and knowledge for a long time to come, do not hesitate and contact us for a proposal without obligation Taigaschool: your Nature resort where nothing has changed the last 10000 years

It is hard to imagine today what it has been like to receive education in this way: hand in hand with the elements and with nature and with the children from those regions.