Local, fresh, wild and pure: Finns take the food very seriously.

Until recently, Finland was a predominantly rural society and the Finns never lost their connection with the country. In the summer months the cities run empty and people escape to the woods for an immersion in nature and to enjoy the abundance of wild food from the forests and the surrounding wilderness. Join the Finns and go on a journey through nature, forests and fields.

Finns grow up with a broad and deep knowledge of nature and know how to recognize edible plants, berries and mushrooms from nature. The search is a favorite pastime in Finland and a so-called 'everyman's rights' allows everyone to roam the country and pick freely, with the exception of some limited areas such as nature reserves and military zones.

The growing season is short but powerful in the unique arctic climate. Cool temperatures and endless summer days produce aromatic and nutrient-rich wild products, they are often referred to as 'superfoods'. The forest is full of edible treasures, from low blueberries (blueberries) that are so abundant that you can hardly imagine that they can all be consumed, to the sublime chanterelle mushrooms. Together with fish, reindeer and other wild, this is part of the Finnish diet.

At the Taiga school you will experience and taste the Finnish delicacies. Whether you have partially picked the food that day yourself or whether we have done this for you. Eating from a primeval forest where you are staying with your friends, family, team or as an individual is an experience a taste sensation that will make everyone happy. If you have special wishes or allergies, we would like to hear from you and we will take that into account wherever possible.

We at the Taiga school also try to do our bit to reduce the growing footprint that we leave behind as a complex society. It is then a logical step to support sustainably produced food. Ethical food production is also a must with us.

This means that the enthusiast, for almost every nutritional guideline, comes to us for a delicious, varied and especially healthy meals. Vegetarian food is our top priority and there will be many variations within the vegetarian meals that we serve for you, from delicious cloudberries to a variety of mushrooms and berries. You will be amazed.

For fish lovers, Lake Kitka is the pinnacle of biologically dynamic wonderfully fresh and responsibly caught fish. From perch to pike or delicious salmon. After a day in the bush, there is nothing so nice about a delicious hot meal. Prepared with love and refined with fresh fish from our home, Lake Kika, freshly picked berries and local herbs, the whole is tastefully finished.

For the meat lover, we have close ties with reindeer holders. These come from the region of the Taiga school and treat their animals in a very respectful way, and where slaughtering part of the population of these herd animals every year is a deep-rooted tradition. The meat is delivered fresh to our front door by the owner of the animals themselves. It is worth mentioning that this meat is of excellent quality and organic in nature.