Because the Taiga School is in the middle of the largest forest in the world and the possibilities for burning on wood are almost endless, we find that not the way to deal with nature. We are proud of the fact that we can offer accommodation in this beautiful area to show people what nature offers.

That the world is changing rapidly, there is no discussion about, and that these changes entail major environmental challenges and accountability, we feel as a team working within the Taiga school as well. We have chosen to take on the challenge together with our guests to keep our footprint as small as possible. We try to find a good balance between input and output and, where necessary, to continuously innovate and optimize so that future generations can also enjoy nature that we love so much and are an inseparable part of it.

By generating electricity through solar panels and generating heat through biomass heaters that, in turn, heat the water of the central heating and also provide energy yield, we have made a substantial sustainability transition within the many spaces and residences that knows the school.

Sustainable in the arctic, and also being nice and warm is a big challenge. We have a wood-burning fireplace in our cozy living room and next to the fireplace we have situated a '#bullerjan wood-burning stove' for the cozy warmth and appearance. The same applies to the dining room. In addition to this heat source, we have a regular resume as back-up and when the guests are gone, which is in turn heated by sustainably pressed wood pellets from Finland.

So apart from the fact that you will have an unforgettable cozy and warm stay in the Taiga School, you will also leave a footprint as small as possible in this magical nature.