The Taiga School is located in the middle of the largest forest in the world, and we are proud and very careful with that. That the world is changing at a rapid pace, we don't all have to argue about. As a team working within the Taiga School we also feel that these changes entail major environmental challenges and accountability.

We have chosen to take on the challenge together with our guests, and to keep our footprint as small as possible. We try to find a good balance between input and output and, where necessary, to continuously innovate and optimize so that future generations can also enjoy nature that we love so much and that are an inseparable part and that is also essential for our health, on every level and our continued existence on this planet.

Because at Taiga School we mainly work with organic and regional products, the waste that results from this can be largely composted and used in our own greenhouses and vegetable gardens. Plastic and glass is separated. We aim to become less and less dependent on delivered food in the coming years, where possible we want to start producing ourselves, because in addition to the fantastic taste and nutritional value of home-grown fruit and vegetables, it naturally also contributes to a healthy environment.

There is no such thing as perfection, but we strive for continuous improvement of this process and we need your help and feedback. Do you have ideas or suggestions? Then these will certainly be included in this process.

Our sustainability transition will largely take place in mid-2019.