Respect, nature, sustainability, enjoyment, love.

Use these words as your mantra when you are in Finland and it will enrich your visit and help you to love this beautiful country.
Finland's pristine nature is at the heart of Finnish life and its purity and holiness are of the utmost importance.
Sustainability and living in harmony with the environment is deeply rooted here and is an essential element of responsible travel.
This includes not only respect for nature and wildlife, but also people and their age-old customs.

Sustainable tourism aims to have a positive effect on nature, society and the economy, so that the ecological footprint remains low and local cultures are respected. Wij houden de natuur schoon door milieuvriendelijke opties in de reismogelijkheden te kiezen en onder meer door te recyclen (hergebruiken) en het algehele verbruik en afval te verminderen. We choose locally produced and ethically made dishes and products and respect local customs and traditions.