Go on an adventure with the Taiga School and explore Lake Yli-Kitka in this beautiful Oer region. It is during our trips not so much the destination but the journey.

Relaxed you glide through the water full of surprise around every corner, new island uncover making you feel in a totally different place. An area where time has stood still and history was not able to form.

Everything is as it was 10000 years ago. Particularly beautiful, incredibly beautiful, wide green and grand.

Using guide you admire the hidden secrets of Kitka Lake or go down the river Olanka national park in the magical Oulanka. Crossing the lake, nice island hopping or a kayak trip in Russia.

Our home of Lake Yli-Kitka the largest freshwater lake in Europe, the Taiga school is your gateway 2 Nature. Along the way there is for lovers the opportunity to catch that big fish to catch your own lunch on the way, To nibble on that then a homemade fire delicious.

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