Sauna & Ademen

We start with a cup of local Chaga tea, the diamond of the health of our own Siberian forest. We will teach you the deep-breathing techniques Tummo in our own traditional yoga room. Daarna maken we ons op voor de eerste ronde in de traditionele -en hout gestookte sauna.

The 1st session will last 10 to 15 minutes.

The whole experience will be equipped with our newly learned techniques. Meanwhile, the instructor water from Lake Kitka pour on the fire in order to create a deeper experience with the aufguss technique.

After the first session we go outside to cool off in the winter it can snow or a cold shower, and in the summer it can go through a swim in the lake. Your body is flooded with endorphins and other good hormones that will amaze literally on the regenerative powers of these ancient techniques.

The next round is even more intense because we after the 2nd round take a dip in our home lake 'Lake Kitka'. A living source, actually the largest freshwater resource in Europe.

During the 3rd and final round you have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned. The biggest souvenir of your stay in Finland will be a tool for healthy aging and to access deeper parts of your physiology.

Our sauna instructor / instructor will monitor your progress and provide feedback. After the session, there is a local delicacy and a refreshing drink.

There is time for a review and any feedback or just reminisce for the fireplace.

The above techniques are supported and proven by scientists.

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