National Parks

Riisitunturi is a magical mountain amidst a landscape that would fit in the Jurassic Park 3.0 decor. After half an hour drive through the forests of Kuusamo Provence we arrive at the foot of Magic Mountain.

The tour begins at the base of the tree line where conifers are hundreds of years old. After about 20 minutes walking on a fantastic twisting Forest trail, the vegetation is getting thinner and when the trees have given way to the artic tundra I turn around and I look across the full width of the largest freshwater source in Europe: Lake Kitka.

We walk another fifteen minutes more and then arrive at the top of Magic Mountain, a breathtaking 360 degree view of the region is the reward of this amazing climb.

After a well-deserved break, the tour continues to arrive about 20 minutes later with an authentic log cabin with a fireplace where the hands are inserted sleeves and is built a nice campfire. We will relax by the fire, with black coffee and Finnish Delicacies.

After this break is a mere 15 minute walk back to the parking lot, we have a new experience ... Finland is magical.

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