Ice Fishing

Every nation has its own methods to completely clear one's head. The Finns have devised their own method here to do this called: Finnish meditation.

They sit quietly for several hours on the ice, surrounded by nature and as part of the elements. Meanwhile quiet they get a tiny fishing rod up and down. The wire having thereon the hook is passed through an approximately 10cm wide hole in the ice in the black water.

Quiet is the hook by fishing on and knocked down, the fish bite will not be there after a while a further 10 meters drilled a new hole and the ritual begins again. If you're lucky you get after a few hours of complete relaxation from the ice with the added bonus of your own freshly caught fish.

While enjoying a drink you relax at the fireplace. And you can enjoy your own fish which is served cooked prepared in local manner. Sometimes luck just ordinary. Just another day in paradise.

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Husky Aurora Chase

Husky Aurora Chase