Bush Craft

Go on an adventure with the Taiga School, get to know the forest better! The various berries and edible herbs are plentiful in 'Nature's own kitchen'.

With this unique day program you will go offline for a full day to learn the skills of the old Sami's. They conveyed fire (charcoal) by means of a mushroom and knew ways to fish under the ice.

Build a primitive shelter is one of the first (life) requirements, this we are going to learn. We will walk the invisible paths of the reindeer to move us efficiently through the forest. Catch your own food, collect or gather in harmony with your group and with nature, which is the goal of the day.

Het resultaat is dat je iets kunnen herinneren wat we in west Europa zijn vergeten: Eten halen met elkaar in het grote donkere dierenbos is leuk heel leuk... Het verbindt en je wordt er heel gelukkig van. Making your own fire, and if you then catch your own fish preparing it over the fire.

All this is then topped with delicious fresh mushrooms or a bowl of delicious and healthy cloudberries. Then suddenly you see that happiness can be very simply and you find out that nature is magical. What a challenge and what an experience. You will experience what it's like to make something, from nothing.

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Husky Scenery Tour

Husky Scenery Tour